An Irishman in London

Seamus Finnigan
17 March
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Name: Seamus Finnigan
Birthday/Age: March, 17th, 1980/25 years old
Blood: Half-blood
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Physical appearance: Seamus is a short sandy-brown haired, aqua-eyed, nice-looking young man. Long fingers and long arms make up for his lack of vertical height, but he doesn't care much: after all, short and cute is a term he likes very much.
He's very slim, even though he's not much into sports, but he's so energetic and moves around so much that he doesn't have an ounce of fat whatsoever. Makes the girls jealous, which is part of the point, if you ask him.
What Seamus might lack in true beauty, he makes up for it with his funny crooked smile, which makes you want to smile back and his sunny behaviour. He has a special sense of fashion, and can wear classy suits or horrible ties, depending on his mood.

Personality: Seamus is nice. Friendly, funny, open, touchy-freely, whatever you want to call it. Just don't say he's a flirt, he might not like it. After all, the Irish temper was legendary in the Gryffindor Tower: there were some things you didn't tell Seamus Finnigan if you didn't want to die a painful death.
But really, if you're nice, he's nice, or even better, as long as you haven't proved you're a jerk, Seamus will like you.
He's the "open mouth and insert foot" kind of man, who talks before he thinks, and even if he can be witty, he can also be horribly annoying when he wants to be. He has a wicked, but sometimes harsh sense of humour, he's very cuddly with those he likes (and he likes most people, remember?) and he likes partying. And drinking, as every Irishman does.

Family: Seamus was a mama-boy. His father was a Muggle who only learnt about his wife being a witch after the marriage. That was a bad start, and bad starts seldom have happy endings. Seamus' father left him and his mother when he was fairly young, and even though he sometimes took his son home for holidays or week-ends, it just wasn't the same. So Seamus grew up as an only child, with only his mother around. She spoiled him, coddled him and ended up smothering him so much that he had to put a stop to it. You can't have a life when you have a mother like that, after all… Besides, she was a bit too much on the "Harry Potter is a whacko" thing for Seamus. They parted after a harsh argument, and he hasn't contacted her since. As for his father, they communicate by phone for Christmas, birthdays and the like, but not more.

History: After Harry finally got the world rid of Voldemort (thanks, mate!), Seamus was at a loss. He didn't have any particular talent, apart for blowing things up, but that's an Irish trait, or any inclination, and thus no idea about what to do with himself. He basically made a nuisance of himself at all his friends' places, until a good soul threw him out with a last sentence: "get a life!" And get a life he did! Since nobody seemed to pay attention to him, he'd make them! And who did people pay the most attention to? (Except for teachers, because, really, there was no way he could become a teacher, too many kids and too little privacy). Journalists!
With finally a goal, Seamus applied to the University of Dublin, which was kind of nice, because after being laughed at for his accent at Hogwarts, for once he didn't have to stifle it, and it was freedom, it really was! To everyone's shock, he graduated with flying colours and a definite goal: he liked writing, so he would write. It was as simple as that. He looked at job ads and ended up finding something interesting. London. Diagon Alley. What more could he ask for?